Provide customers with a package of packaging solutions



Core idea

Achieve you and me, Fengxian society.
Unlimited innovation, achievement value.
Creative thinking, benefiting employees, serving customers, and contributing to society.


Company mission

Create value for customers; create benefits for the company; create the future for employees.


Service concept

Only what customers can't think of, nothing we can't do.
Customer satisfaction is the criterion for testing our work.
People-oriented, quality first, service first, and pursuit of excellence.


Business philosophy

Innovation is the foundation, quality is the most important, customers are respected, treat people with integrity, unity and cooperation, and effective communication.
Small wins depend on wisdom, big wins depend on character.
The work value is greater, and the cost risk is reduced to a minimum.


Governance concept

Everyone is their own supervisor.
Details determine success or failure, success or failure lies in the details.


Company style

Simple, true, simple, and inspirational.
Innovative, inclusive, passionate, happy.
The romance of poets, the rigor of historians, the profoundness of Taoism, the rationality of Confucianism, the wisdom of soldiers, the sharpness of Legalism, the execution of Moism, the philosophical outlook of Buddhism, and the systematic thinking of traditional Chinese medicine.


Company work style

If you have a process, you will not be chaotic, if you have a budget, you will not be poor, and if you have a plan, you will not be busy.
Any work only talks about the result and not the process.
There is no reason or excuse to face difficulties, only methods and strategies are found.
Let our leaders do multiple-choice questions instead of quizzes.
Do not opportunistic, do not use tricks, abide by their own moral bottom line.


Company learning concept

Correct self-awareness.
Being a person is the premise of doing things, and communication is the guarantee of success.
Learn by living, live by learning.
A person who understands morality is humble, a person with self-esteem and self-love is physically and mentally strong, and a person who is hard-working and pragmatic is invigorated.
Those who know virtue are sincere in their thoughts.
Control your emotions, restrain your desires, get rid of arrogance, and get rid of laziness.


Employment view

We welcome people who are both ethical and talented, but ethics is the first criterion that the company looks at.
Fair, open, and just.
The mind is open to all rivers, the all-encompassing bearing, Wang Yang's unbridled thinking, and unrestrained inspiration.
Believe that every employee is full of strength, believe that every employee has motivation,
Let each employee grow freely. One small step for employees, one giant leap for the company; help employees grow, so that the company can grow faster.


Company team view

Innovation and courage are the drivers of success, and fear and laziness are the hindrances to success.
A pack of wolves fights against tigers, and they are invincible.
A team must have a common vision, a clear goal, and a set of core ideas.
Free and happy individuals, democratic places of speech, sincere friendship teams, harmonious happy families.


Safety concept

Tighten the strings of safety awareness, and pop out the tune of peace and happiness.
Safety awareness is in our hearts, and safety production is in our hands.


Health concept

Take care of your mouth, you can eat lightly; move your legs more, your hands and feet can be diligent; in communication, smoke and alcohol
It can be a little less; looking at things, the mood can be a little happier.
Accept yourself, care for others, and create a happy working environment with all employees.
Pay attention to mental health and let go of the green mood.
Mindset dictates action, and action changes destiny.


Staff conduct

Seeing what others have not seen, thinking of what others have not thought of.
There is no motivation for success if you do not strive, and there is no motivation for great success if you do not retreat modestly.
Accumulate the personal brand of employees and build the company's big brand.