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Precautions for the use of wooden pallets

According to the normal use standard, the wooden pallet can give full play to the effect of the wooden pallet. It is not easy to be damaged during the long-term turnover of the goods with the wooden pallet, which can extend the life of the wooden pallet and reduce the use cost of the wooden pallet. What should be paid attention to in the correct use of wooden pallets?

During the turnover process of the cooperative forklift, attention should be paid to the additional load of the pallet. Generally speaking, the additional dynamic load of wooden pallets does not exceed 2 tons. Sometimes, when pallets are used in palletizing, in order to improve work efficiency, the operator will directly pick the palletized goods from the pallet at the bottom, so that the previous dynamic load is doubled. Practice has proved that overloading is the direct culprit in reducing the number of pallets used.

Wooden pallets should be placed as lightly as possible to prevent uneven force and damage when landing. However, in practical application, it is not practical to put it lightly. This requires a high demand for the impact resistance of the wooden pallet itself. Add the durability of the wooden pallet material.

Wooden pallets should be protected from sunlight as much as possible to avoid aging and shorten the service life. However, with the continuous innovation of wooden pallet materials, the new copolymer polypropylene wooden pallet is gradually suitable for use in various outdoor environments. Long-term outdoor use is also not easy to age and deform.

When wooden pallets are used in conjunction with shelves, attention should be paid to the additional shelf load of the pallets, and overloaded use is prohibited. Especially in the use of cooperative drive-through three-dimensional shelves, the demand for the span of the pallet is high. If necessary, it is necessary to add steel pipes to the bottom of the pallet according to the application situation to increase the shelf load of the pallet.

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