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Pallet size classification

There are three main types of pallet sizes in the world:

(1) North American pallet standards:

Trays with a size of 1220*1160 cm are commonly used in North America. US Standard Pallet Size

(2) European pallet standard:

Trays with dimensions of 800x1200 and 1000x1200 mm are commonly used in Europe. European Pallet Standard European Pallet Association and European Standard Pallet (European Standard Pallet)

(3) Asian pallet standard:

Trays with a size of 1100x1100 mm are commonly used in Asia. In Asia, pallet manufacturers mostly produce according to the customer's predetermined size, without any standard restrictions.

A tray commonly used in Japan has a size of 1100x1100 mm.

China's pallet standards have been revised many times, and many standards are in a chaotic situation. At present, the latest national standard has finally determined two pallet specifications, 1200mm, 1000mm and 1100mm, and 1100mm. The pallet of 1100x1100 mm size is suitable for 45-inch (1143 mm) shipping containers. .

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