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In fact, the growth of fungi has certain environmental requirements, first of all, the temperature suitable for growth, and sufficient oxygen supply, nutrients suitable for the growth of fungi, and then the indispensable water.

These four environmental factors are indispensable, and each directly avoids or prevents the growth of fungi. The wood preservative quarantine treatment is based on this principle.

It is a more appropriate method to use a drying kiln to heat-treat natural wood to destroy the growth conditions of fungi in terms of moisture content and temperature.

Under normal circumstances, when the moisture content of wood is controlled below 20% or reaches a saturated state, the growth of most fungi will be limited. When the temperature is above 46 °C and below 12 °C, the fungus will basically grow intermittently. Therefore, when we heat treat the wood in a dry kiln and control its moisture content, we can achieve the purpose of insecticidal sterilization, thereby preventing harmful substances in the wooden pallet!

1: Select materials such as poplar and pine, and cut the logs into wood segments;

Two: peel off the bark on the log, you can use a professional wood peeling machine or hydraulic method;

Three: Cut the peeled logs horizontally and vertically to make plates, and control the thickness and width of the plates according to the needs of our wooden pallets. Usually, the thickness is between 15-25MM and the width is between 80-90MM. Mainly according to the requirements of Yixing wooden pallets;

Four: Inspect the board to check whether the board is defective, and the extra-large wormhole is an unusable material;

Five: Drying the raw materials is a very critical step. After drying, the accuracy and strength of the wood will be greatly improved, and it can effectively prevent the wood from mildew, rot, cracking, moth-eaten and other phenomena;

Six: After the material is prepared, it is produced according to the customer's requirements and design, and nails are made to ensure that there will be no missing nails and missing nails, so as to ensure that each plate and pier head can be laborious, and the Yixing wooden pallet will be polished later to prevent There are phenomena such as burrs.

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