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Several different stacking methods of wooden pallets

First of all, we need to know what is "pallet stacking". And what is the use of this to reduce the space area? In fact, pallet stacking is to stack the goods on the pallet according to their own needs, and then use the forklift to stack the palletized goods layer by layer. For different goods, the stacking method is also different. No matter what kind of stacking method is used, the weight of goods in stacking is quite heavy, so this kind of pallet needs to have high strength and rigidity.

Here are a few different stacking methods for you:

Criss-cross: Rotate 90 degrees adjacent to each other, place one layer horizontally and the other vertically. There is a certain bite effect between each layer, but the bite strength is not high.

Overlapping: that is, the stacking method of each layer is the same, and the top and bottom correspond. The advantage of this method is that the workers operate quickly, the four corners and sides of the packaged goods are stacked straight, and the carrying capacity is large. The defect is the lack of occlusal effect between the layers, which is prone to collapse. In the case of low-level and large-scale goods, this method has sufficient stability. If it is matched with a corresponding fastening method, it can not only maintain stability, but also save the labor-saving advantages of loading and unloading operations.

Rotational staggered type: The two adjacent packaging bodies on one layer are 90 degrees from each other, and the stacking between the two layers is 180 degrees apart, so that the two adjacent layers are interspersed with each other, the stability of the cargo body is high, and it is not easy to collapse. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to stack, and a hollow pallet is formed in the middle. Several different stacking methods of wooden pallets reduce the usage power of the pallet.

The difference between plastic pallets and wooden pallets

There are many differences between plastic pallets and wooden pallets, but of course, plastic pallets are good in all aspects. First of all, plastic pallets meet food hygiene standards and can be reused and recycled, and plastic pallets can enhance the image of the entire warehouse, not like wooden pallets. There are wood thorns in the hand, and there are many models and types, such as: nine-cornered pallets, Tian character pallets, Sichuan character pallets, etc. It is also divided into grid pallets and flat pallets, which can meet the different needs of different users. Wooden pallets It is much simpler in comparison, but the disadvantage of plastic pallets compared with wooden pallets is that wooden pallets are relatively cheap. This is mainly based on the user's purpose of use. If you carry food, beverages, children's products, etc., you must use plastic trays. If you use trays to carry some items that are not related to hygiene, you can use wooden trays. If the warehouse is relatively large, you are concerned about the image. Or use plastic pallets, wooden pallets are used by some companies without scale.

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