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What is a fumigation-free wooden pallet? What are the benefits of fumigation-free wooden pallets?

Fumigation-free wooden pallets originated in Europe in the 1970s, and are widely used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States where environmental awareness is more advanced. For example, the molded pallets, which are now very popular, do not require inspection, are fumigated, and pest-free, and can be exported directly. Changzhou Deyi Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. can provide production and sales of fumigation-free wooden pallets, customized on demand!

the difference:

1. The export of fumigation-free tray is free of fumigation, disinfection, and visa, and the entry and exit are convenient and fast;

2. The product is more beautiful in appearance than wooden pallets, and has high pressure resistance and high load-bearing performance;

3. It can effectively avoid the disadvantages of traditional wooden pallets such as wood knots, moth-eaten, color difference, and high humidity;

4. The fumigation-free tray has good waterproof performance, simple production process and low cost;

5. It can replace wooden pallets and has strong adaptability.

Treatment of fumigation-free trays:

1. The raw material of the fumigation-free tray is composite board or plywood, and the raw material is formed by high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization with various wood residues.

2. There are two main treatment methods: heat treatment and fumigation with methyl bromide. For heat treatment, the wood core temperature should reach 56OC and keep it for at least 30 minutes. For fumigation, the wood packaging must be fumigated at the specified dose of methyl bromide in an airtight place for at least 16 hours, and then placed in a ventilated place to allow The concentration of its fumigant drops below a safe concentration. After any of the above treatments, put a clear and permanent mark on the visible position of each commodity in the wooden packaging, preferably on the front and back sides of each commodity. This mark needs to be subject to the International Plant Protection Convention. Approval to demonstrate that the wood packaging has undergone the prescribed treatment. A mark must include the IPPC specific mark, the ISO standard country code, a unique number issued by the country's plant protection agency to the producer of wood packaging, and an acronym representing the treatment method. Fumigation-free pallet products generally meet the entry and environmental protection requirements of various countries in the world, and can be directly cleared in the importing country without any formalities.

The fumigation-free tray (disinfection) method has two methods: drug use and heat treatment. The drugs used are: methyl bromide, ethylene oxide

1. Stack the goods in the wooden boxes to be fumigated neatly, cover them with sheet cloth, and press the four sides to seal them, but leave a corner for the injection port.

2. Put a basin of water under the sheet next to the goods, and put the medicine into the water

3. Compact the reserved injection port to keep the goods that need to be fumigated in a completely sealed state for 24 hours

4. Open the tarpaulin to ventilate, and move the goods when the poisonous gas dissipates, about 18-24 hours

5. Issue a fumigation-free wooden box (sterilization) certificate.

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