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The status of wooden packaging boxes in the entire logistics system

1. Reduce the impact, vibration and other external forces transmitted to the product, and play a role in protecting the product.

2. The role of convenient transportation. The shape, specification and quality of the packaging are closely related to transportation. The size matches the volume of the transportation tool, which can improve transportation efficiency, facilitate the use of mechanized and automated loading and unloading operations, reduce labor intensity and difficulty, speed up loading and unloading, and reduce transportation difficulty. .

3. Protective effect. In the complex transportation environment, it is moisture-proof, waterproof, rust-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, and insect-proof to ensure that its quality and quantity are not lost.

4. It is convenient for storage. The signs and barcodes on the packaging are easy to identify, access and count the quantity of goods, which is convenient for handover and acceptance, shortens the time of receiving and issuing, and improves the speed and efficiency.

5. It is convenient for commodity stacking and stacking, making full use of warehouse space and saving storage capacity.

6. The function of promoting sales and facilitating sales. The image and shape of Yixing wooden packaging box can attract customers, and its text, patterns and colors can stimulate customers' desire to buy.





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